Lefthand CRM 1.7.3-150 for Windows 10


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LeftHand CRM is a comprehensive, intuitive, and easy-to-use system for integrated customer relationship management, both suppliers and customers. The application provides a collection of information about companies and individuals with which the company works. The system provides: Extensive knowledge of the city's contractors and the people they represent * system * Notes for contractors to automatically remind you of meetings * VAT number validation and TAX * history of contacts with contractors and representatives * easy way to send e-mail to the selected contractor or representative of the Expanded , parameterizable reporting mechanism * Data Report contractors * Data Report representatives * Data Report workers * report completed or planned contacts * Ability to check the activity of the selected employee's search partners, representatives, employees and contacts by any defined attributes * create any schemas search criteria * Save search patterns * default search criterion Full story contact with counterparties action history of rapid access to information * clear viewing window * Functional retrieval mechanisms * przejżyste new data entry window modules campaign. An easy way to select companies for new commercial campaign * System Status * easily select group of contractors assigned to the campaign * campaign * Merge duplicate campaigns * mechanisms to facilitate the search component system modules campaign e-mail * built-in email client (POP3, SMTP, SMTP AUTH) * easy mechanism for configuring e-mail accounts * centralized access to electronic mail (messages, attachments) * system for secure access to email each user * signature message * the ability to easily distribute mail to a group or to all clients * Ability to digitally sign e-mails (S / MIME) Easy to integrate CRM with financial and accounting system (ERP MK LeftHand, LeftHand FK) A clear picture of the company's business Remote access to the system - the possibility of a mixed system configuration (Linux-Windows). Caution! 60-day trial version with ads.